Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the use of the SRG SSR ‘together’ app

In the form of quizzes testing knowledge on a variety of topics, the ‘together’ app allows users to enter answers to the questions that are asked. The app then sends these answers to a backend, which can be accessed only by the seven-language national production team from SRF, RTS, RSI, RTR and SWI.

In addition to general knowledge questions about Swiss politics and society, the app users can also give their opinions on current affairs. By using this form of survey, the production team is able to gauge the feelings of the group of users which answer the opinion questions.

The ‘together’ app will be launched in November 2016.

Art. 1 / Scope of validity

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the SRG SSR ‘together’ app.

They are deemed to have been received and accepted after these Terms and Conditions have been clicked on as part of the account creation process.

Art. 2 / Registration

It is possible to register (create an account) for and use the ‘together’ app. Before a user can register, they must install ‘together’ from an app store, and enter the following data:


Required data:

-    e-mail address

-    Nickname

-    Postcode of place of residence, or for users resident abroad: country

Voluntary data:

-    Gender

-    Language (if the user changes this from the automatic language under the app's settings)

-    Year of birth

-    Profile picture

-    Facebook: if the user registers via an authentication service such as Facebook, or invites their FB friends to download the app, the app will draw this information from Facebook.


The user confirms that the personal details they have registered are truthful and complete. Users are obliged to keep their personal details up to date. Changes to contact data must be made immediately via the contact address given under ‘Publication details’.

Art. 3 Usage

All of the data entered by the users is analysed, evaluated and displayed in graphical form exclusively by the national production team from SRF, RTS, RSI, RTR and SWI. The findings and visualisations are used for editorial content purposes alone.

Of the user’s profile data, only their nickname, profile picture, gender, canton, municipality and score (for rankings) will be used.

No other possible publication of data will contain any information that may be regarded as personal. Any publication of users’ profile data will not include any personal data, and will feature only their nickname, profile picture, canton, municipality and score; publications of knowledge and opinion analyses will contain only aggregated data.

Once ‘together’ has shut down, all data relating to all users will be deleted irrevocably.

Art. 4 / Free service and competition

The use of ‘together’ is free of charge. The app does not force the user to pay any fee to enter or purchase any product or service. No rewards, such as prize money, are paid. Users themselves must meet the expenses of using the app.


Art. 5 / Rights on the part of SRG SSR


1.    is entitled at any time to block a user's account and/or to delete content published by them without providing reasons or observing set time periods. This applies in particular if one or more obligations in these Terms and Conditions have been breached;

2.    reserves the right to amend, interrupt, or temporarily or permanently suspend ‘together’ at any time.


Art. 6 / Liability

SRG SSR accepts no liability whatsoever arising from the use of ‘together’.


Art. 7 / Data protection

The user declares their consent for their data (see Arts. 2 and 3 above) to be registered and stored electronically with the national production team from SRF, RTS, RSI, RTR and SWI. The server is located in Switzerland. Data will not be passed on to third parties without the user’s consent. Any publication of such data will observe Art. 3 above.

Digital Analytix, an analysis service provided by comScore, is used for the app and the backend. Cookie information about the use of ‘together’ (including the attendant IP address) is transmitted to the comScore servers in the Netherlands, where it is then stored. These analysis services evaluate the ‘together’ usage data on behalf of SRG SSR. Cookies may be used to recognise a receiver device outside of the SRG SSR online offering.

The data collected from analysis and measurement cannot be used to identify together users personally.

Art. 8 / Changes to the conditions of entry

SRG SSR may change or supplement these Terms and Conditions (except related to data protection) at any time. Changes or supplements will be communicated.

Art. 9 / Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Berne. Swiss law applies.